Top Viral Chart This Week

Top Viral Chart This Week
4th December 2015 Kyle Gilkinson


John Lewis “man on the moon” by Adam & Eve/DDB

A young girl notices a lonely old man on the moon and sets out to let him know that someone on earth is thinking about him by sending him a gift.
The ad has been shared 116,142 times this week.


Aldi “Christmas friend” by McCann Manchester

The old man on the moon compares two telescopes, one from John Lewis and one from Aldi. He says he prefers the one from Aldi. When he looks through it he sees Jean Jones, the Aldi granny who starred in previous gin ads for the supermarket. Jones is on her way to the moon on an armchair attached to balloons.
The ad has been shared 49,432 times this week.

Number 3.

Sainsbury’s “Mog’s Christmas calamity” by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Judith Kerr, the renowned author, penned the story of Mog almost ruining Christmas day for the Thomas family. At the end the neighbours come together to make the day special.
The ad has been shared 46,939 times this week.

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