Superbowl Adverts 2016 – Top 3

Superbowl Adverts 2016 – Top 3
8th February 2016 Kyle Gilkinson

Kyle from our website department in PurpleSheep HQ has come up with his 3 favourite Super bowl adverts of 2016



Surrounded by memories of the Space Age’s golden years, a retired astronaut has lost his zeal for life. But when his son shows up and hands over the keys to the new 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus, a rocket ride under the stars stirs newfound life within the Commander. It’s a universal reminder that amazing things happen when we choose exploration, technology and the moon


Mountain Dew

When three friends decide to stay home for the night, a surprise visitor arrives with MTN DEW Kickstart on a mission to change their minds. #puppymonkeybaby
MTN DEW Kickstart. DEW. Juice. Caffeine.
Now in tasty new flavors, like Midnight Grape


Number 3.

Toyota Prius Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘Heck on Wheels’


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