Property Solutions


Our Approach

Property Solutions requested a logo that will stand out within the property sector and design a website that will display properties where landlords will showcase their properties to possible tenants.

Property Solutions main unique selling point is to attract Landlords and Tenants.

With Property Solutions, landlords receive a hassle free property experience were everything is designed to  run smoothly. Together with an exceptional sales team at the forefront of the business, the over tone of voice is fresh and on the trend.

Tone of voice

The logo design encompassed a location marker combined with the letter ‘P’ which pays homage to  geographical local areas. Ultimately, the design gave Property Solutions a unique symbol for the ‘To Let’ signage which elevates the business in a competitive market.

To help Property solutions we designed an exceptional property marketing collateral to push the overall identity that captures the landlords attention to avail of the packages on offer.

The website design creates a network for landlords to showcase their properties and tenants to have easy access to a large range of properties within their desired area. The design has been categorised with a simple search engine, primarily making house hunting for the tenants easy. The robust design gives the sales agents a tool to help add value to the Property Solution packages.