Discovered Scouts Ireland

Tone of Voice

Discovered main objective is to deliver quality non-formal education through the mediums of Adventure, Environment, Team Challenges and Creative Learning.

PurpleSheep were approached to create a new identity for Discovered, a ever growing community for schools and youth groups. Imagery was requested to be created to highlight the non-formal ethos of Discovered so the tone of voice can be successfully communicated to their target audience.


Our Approach

PurpleSheep created a new identity with the circular design of the Discovered emblem representing a compass for schools and youth outlets. Inset, is a simplified mountain range that depicts the outdoors. The ‘D’ shape has been inspired by a carabiner merged into the circle to form the ‘D’ shape. Thus, hinting at outdoor activities and adventure.

The font uses a condensed style that indicates a confident statement and the supporting strap-line employs a bold exuberant style so the fun aspect can be distinguished. Colours used add excitement to the overall identity so they are fearless and brave in the landscape.