Cooley Association

Tone of Voice

Concept & Strategy
We would implement a keyword trigger point that plays on the – ‘MORE To’ carlingford than what you think.

The campaign strategy is supported by simple imagery, bold background colours and using a strong typeface that captures the essence of the medieval era.

The campaign will be eye-catching to raise awareness that there is so much more to Carlingford than first thought.
This would work on both levels as first-time visitors would instantly notice the campaign and returning visitors are made aware of all the experiences available.

Playing on the ‘More To Carlingford’ concept allows us to look at many ways to bring other businesses around the town into the concept and would move this also onto social media and all marketing.

Our Approach

The logomark has been inspired by elements within Carlingford Town and that signifies Carlingford’s character and charm. Without said’ we incorporated St. John’s Castle and the local delicacy, oysters’, have contributed towards the shape of the logo.
Plus, it was hard not to include the sea into the logomark.