OFFSET 2016 – bird on a bag and studio vomit stories

OFFSET 2016 – bird on a bag and studio vomit stories
18th April 2016 Kyle Gilkinson

Offset 2016 Dublin has the line up that excites the tangles of an octopus, and of course sharp eyed creatives.

As designers flock to the big smoke for the seven day design festival to check out the latest work from design industry standards, Gary our senior designer had some spare time to attend the Saturday schedule.

“Kings queens, dogs and a bird on a bag and nervous duo whose artwork should be made into cartoon series, that was before lunch”

Angus Hyland from mega agency Pentagram is centre stage wearing peak cap, showcasing some kings and queens (Penguin Monarchs – Covers for a series of books charting Britain’s royal history) and ‘The Book of The Dog’, giving us a yarn of how he was involved such books. As he chatted layouts and type, he spoke of how he branded William Morris, a challenge of course seeing that Morris had a colossal library of artwork.



So how do you design an identity for international renowned artist, designer, philosopher?

Angus made the process simple, with a few slides. Morris’s decorative artwork brings nature indoors and in books with beautiful motifs. One popular is the bird, so Angus strips away the intricate floral design and is left with a dove, walla unique piece of artwork turns into William Morris Society logo. Pretty simple but huge homage to Morris.04-WMS_Totebag_Pencilcase_VISNext up was Tado, who’s character work has been on magazine covers, books shelves etc. I first seen there artwork in computer arts magazine and always thought there was a team of illustrating ninjas piecing these vibrant illustrations, but no just Mike and Katie Yeah they appeared a little nervous on stage, as they ventured beyond the comfort of their studio. As they warmed to the audience and showcased wonderful artwork it felt like they were on the same level as any other up coming creative. Showing animation and new SkyKids app characters.


My bad luck I had a client meeting across the city so I missed Russell Mills. I had an opportunity to get my screen print by DamnFinePrint and gazing in awe’ at the GF Smith paper exhibit. Back on stage Assemble reminded the thinking of William Morris on the urban environment for disused areas and how social aspect can influence the community.


Dublins Piranha Bar spoke of the barriers within the creative industry and how they got past the cross roads and picking the right path that felt good to them. Oh and Gav did touch on vomit and geometry of plant pots.

OFFSET 2016 – Main Titles from Piranha Bar on Vimeo.

‘Rebel rebel’ it’s Jonathan Barnbrook, The designer who worked along side Bowie on the artwork for his last album (can download the artwork, open source:  before he past away Jan 16.  he explained the process and thinking behind the new identity significant for fans released artwork early(rebel) and he touched on a type project that is close to home for people of N.Ireland.

Gmunk, Awesome visuals for the Tron Legacy film and Oblivion with humour and how he made the audience laugh! Project slides are important and if there are 882 to present,  too many I know, so it is always vital to put in a few funny breakers, and plug a personal project to sell a few posters and why not.

Jammed packed day all this in one day, wish I had more time in my schedule to attend the whole event. Thanks OFFSET for putting on such an important creative event, Thanks for reading.

Gary McEneaney