Budweiser Global Rebrand

Budweiser Global Rebrand
26th January 2016 Kyle Gilkinson

The Budweiser global rebrand


JKR agency has created a new visual identity for beer brand Budweiser, as part of a global rebrand which aims to align the brand with quality.

Budweiser has retained the brand’s red bow-shaped icon, but this has been simplified, reducing the gold elements, and making the logo more two-dimensional.

“The bow tie is the symbol of the brand,” says Tosh Hall, creative director at JKR New York. “For 140 years, it’s been an iconic label. The first step was to clarify that.”





Typeface inspired by industrial lettering

A navy blue logo has also been incorporated for application on aluminium cans and bottles, replacing the red bowtie logo, and adding a silver emblem and script.

Two new bespoke typefaces were designed for the branding – Bud Bold and Bud Crafted, which aim to contrast between “confidence and quality”, says Hall.

Bud Bold was inspired by the industrial lettering of the original Budweiser brewery in 1860, says Hall, while Bud Crafted is a slab serif font, which aims to replicate the Budweiser wordmark of the 1960s.


Typefaces and symbols drawn by hand

For the logotype, the original script from 1860 was taken then redrawn “to make it feel timeless”, says Hall.

The design also includes 14 pieces of unique typography, and all typefaces and symbols were drawn by hand before being applied digitally.

“Budweiser as a beer is one of the hardest to brew,” says Hall. “It takes roughly 30 days. We wanted to apply the same effort to design principles as to brewing. So we spent twice as long, drawing every piece of type and vector art by hand, such as the medallion, leaves, grains and hops. We put effort into caring about every last detail.”


Unified worldwide look

He adds that the project aims to “unite” the packaging worldwide, by implementing the same bowtie symbol internationally.

The project took roughly two years to complete after JKR was invited to do the work following a successful pitch. The consultancy also completed Budweiser’s previous rebrand in 2011.


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